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Who Are The Vendors For A Wedding?

Who Are The Vendors For A Wedding?

Putting together your wedding vendor team is probably the most crucial part of your wedding. This is the group of professionals you trust to ensure your dream is a reality. If you are just getting started you are probably wondering who are the vendors for a wedding that you should be putting on your list.

For your big day to become a success, who are the wedding vendors you should approach? According to a recent report, couples hire 14 vendors on average for their wedding day. This number may seem significant, but to ensure your big day runs smoothly, each of these vendors has a vital job.

The wedding vendor list we present below is in no particular order. It will help you understand why each pro you hire is essential.

Who Are The Vendors For A Wedding?
Who Are The Vendors For A Wedding?

1. Photographer: The Ultimate Wedding Vendor

Your wedding vendor checklist should have a photographer. You want to remember your wedding day whether you're eloping or hosting a huge celebration. You should hire an experienced professional as they'll capture all your wedding day memories creatively.

2. Venue

Another wedding vendor you cannot do without is your wedding venue. It will set the scene for your special day whether you're looking for a rustic barn, a grand ballroom, or a relaxed beach. A recent report on newlyweds showed that 86 percent of couples booked a venue. Many booked two separate venues, one for the wedding and one for the reception.

3. Planner

Your planner should take the top spot on your wedding vendor lists. Your planner will help you stay organized and within budget. They'll also ensure that you don't hit any snags and remain on schedule on your big day. Ensuring you have a planner on your wedding vendor list is worth the cost regardless of whether you choose a month-of or day-of coordinator or a full-service provider.

4. Hair And Makeup Pros

Your big day should be the day you feel and look your best. Therefore there is no doubt that you should hire a makeup artist and professional hairstylist to do what they do best. 80 percent of couples include hair and makeup pros as part of the team of vendors for wedding.

5. Attire

Some of the pre-wedding shopping that needs to get done includes wedding party attire, tuxedos, dresses, and much more. Most couples will buy new outfits for their special day. Of the newlyweds surveyed, 66 percent purchased the groom's attire, and 78 percent purchased a wedding dress. Read online reviews as a way of researching tux shops and dress salons before you do the actual shopping. This ensures that when you make large purchases, you receive the best service.

6. Cake Baker

Your wedding cake acts as your event decor's focal point and as a delicious treat. More than half of couples hire a professional cake baker to create a dessert that looks too good to eat.

7. Florist

One of the essential parts of wedding decor is the wedding flowers. They can include centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, boutonnieres, and bouquets. Another essential part of your wedding vendor team is your wedding florist. They'll help bring your color scheme and theme to life.

8. Music Pros

You don't want to DIY your music as it'll set the mood for your ceremony and the reception. Whether you go for live musicians at your ceremony, a band for the reception, or a DJ is entirely up to you. But, if you'd like to keep your dance floor busy all night, you should leave the tunes to a pro.

9. Videographer

You'll probably want to relive your special day over and over even after it's over. Including a wedding videographer in your wedding vendors checklist will make this possible. They will capture movement, sound, and picture through film and offer you the chance to experience your wedding every time you watch.

10. Stationer

Choosing your wedding stationery is one of the fun parts of planning your wedding. An experienced stationer in your wedding vendor team will help you select the right products for your invitations, save-the-date notices, place cards, escort cards, and any other stationery needs. They will also make sure everything is done and sent out on time.

Wedding Vendors
Wedding Vendors

11. Caterer

After celebrating your union, guests will want to eat and drink. If you have a caterer in your wedding vendor team, they'll ensure the food they serve is not only delicious but plentiful too. Some venues offer catering and others have approved lists of caterers to choose from. Always check with your venue to see if you are free to choose your own caterer.

12. Officiant

You and your partner won't be able to get married without an officiant. You have to decide whether your ceremony will be a secular one or a religious one, then approach an officiant that'll provide an appropriate ceremony.

13. Jeweler

One of the most important symbols of your union is your wedding band. Whichever type you choose, make sure you choose a wedding vendor that'll make rings you and your partner will cherish.

14. Favors Vendor

Your guests deserve a heartfelt thank you for celebrating your special day with you. Your favors wedding vendor will help you chose meaningful keepsakes or edible treats.

15. Rentals Company

A rental company will provide you with decor, chairs, dinnerware, tables, and more for your wedding day. Other wedding vendors such as your caterer or venue may have these items. However, your rental company may have a monopoly of various things that can match your theme.

16. Transportation Company

It may be tricky and complex to ensure that your wedding guests and team arrive on time. A professional transportation company can help you achieve this. You won't have to worry about how you'll get to and from the hotel.

17. Lighting Designer

When it comes to the feel and look of your wedding, good lighting makes a huge difference. The proper lighting can make your flower arrangement and wedding photos look spectacular.

It’s YOUR Wedding

How many of the vendors from our list you decide to choose is ultimately a very personal decision. As mentioned, the average is 14. Obviously, many of them can be, and often are, combined by one or more of the other vendors. And if you follow our advice and put a wedding planner at the top of your list, they can be responsible for hiring the rest of your vendors. Then, the only responsibility you will have is to enjoy your big day!

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